Fourth Sundays Livestreams: 2022 Season

Announcing our 2022 Spring Season! Read on for details of our livestream concerts January through May.

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January 23, 2022 – Dance Party
We are revisiting one of our favorite programs, featuring two French dance suites, by Morel and Rebel. Sylvia will be playing viol continuo for John on the Morel, then switching to violin to perform the Rebel!

February 27, 2022 – Friends & Rivals in the Paris Opera
We will explore the big personalities of some of the best violinists in Paris in the 1730’s, and the elegant violin sonatas they wrote.

March 27, 2022 – Fantasticus!

We will visit late 17th-century Vienna, and in particular the Partiturbuch Ludwig, a giant collection of music compiled in 1662 for the Holy Roman Emperor.

April 24, 2022 – Italian Virtuosi II

We are revisiting Part II of our Italian virtuosi, including another sonata by Corelli, plus sonatas by Veracini, Somis and Tartini.

May 22, 2022 – The Classical Era

We are coming forward in time, playing duets for violin and cello by Mozart, Haydn and their contemporaries Hoffmeister, Reicha and the Chevalier de St. George.

Fourth Sundays Livestream: Bicinia

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Right around 1500, composers such as Josquin des Prez wrote polyphonic music, which is music with multiple melodic parts. In order to teach this music, publishers would put together collections of Bicinia, or two-part pieces, with the aim of teaching music students how to sing or play one part against another. These collections featured works of different composers, often (but not always) identified by name. As the Renaissance progressed, these Bicinia became more rhythmically complex, and the counterpoint between the two voices became more and more interesting.

Come explore with us the rich polyphony of the 16th century!

Streaming live from Teachín Ceoil at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern on Sunday, December 26th.

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Bicinia by Josquin, Isaac, Zuccaro, Agricola, Gastoldi, Vecchi, and the ever-popular Anonymous

The Program is available! Available as a full booklet or 1-page PDF:

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Weekly Works in Progress (#RoughGuts)

In setting up monthly subscription access to our work in exchange for steadily supporting all the time that goes into preparing performances, part of our aim is to welcome you into our process, sharing early videos of new works as we explore them and start to prepare them for private concerts, public videos, and polished albums. We have a great time sight-reading new pieces and deciding how and when to group them into compelling programs, and we hope to share some of that fun with you.

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Sylvia & John