Friends and Rivals in the Paris Opera

Next Concert Sunday 5/2: Friends and Rivals in the Paris Opéra

Presented by New School of Music, Cambridge, MA

Join Guts Baroque for the first livestream of our Virtual Concert Series!

Come back in time with us to France in the 1730s: the hotshot violinists of the Académie de Musique (what is now known as the Paris Opéra) are doing their thing, navigating the friendships and rivalries of their professional lives while pushing forward the form of the Franco-Italian violin sonata. We’ll tell you all about them between pieces, and bring their music to life with the unique sound colors and shapes made possible by our historical reproduction instruments!


Jean-Jacques-Baptiste Anet: Sonata in G Minor op. 3 no. 2
Jean-Baptiste Quentin: Sonata in G Minor op. 1 no. 2
Jean-Baptiste Senaillé: Sonata in F Major op. 4 no. 1
Jean-Pierre Guignon: Sonata in A Major op. 1 no. 1
Louis Aubert: Sonata in E Minor op. 1 no. 1

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